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Corporate & Business Law

Often small business owners or entrepreneurs wait until something goes wrong to consult with an attorney but in today's litigious society this could mean you waited too long.  Business owners reason that in the early stages of the business growth and when money is in short supply, legal advice is something that can be postponed until the company generates more revenue.   Unfortunately, it is often those early mistakes that are made in the startup phase that leads to much bigger headaches and financial expenses as the company grows.

Businesses that have existed successfully for a period of time often think that because they haven't required legal advice up until that point or they've been able to find the information they needed on the Internet, they don’t need to hire an attorney now.  Again, it is during the calm before the storm that one can best prepare. The relationship with a good business attorney is much like a marriage, it takes time to develop.  Beginning a relationship before the storm strikes and knowing that you can depend upon your legal partner can be essential to the survival of your organization when the storm does strike.

At Siddel Law we understand these issues because we have walked in your shoes. We understand how precious capital is in the early stages of the business. We understand how important the success of your business is to you.  We understand how frustrating it can be to see everything you have worked so hard to build, placed at risk through no fault of your own.  Our mission is simple; we provide legal guidance, the kind of guidance that can only be provided by someone with experience, with the highest value on integrity and excellence.  We understand how frustrating it can be when you need a quick, simple answer to a business situation and not being able to contact your attorney.  Or worse knowing that a simple 10-minute conversation will result in an outrageous hourly charge.  We understand that often it is these 5-10 minute conversations that can save you substantial legal fees by stopping small problems before they have a chance to grow into much larger problems.

Our commitment to our business clients include:

·  Accountability and accessibility

·  Flat fee pricing arrangements

·  A business approach to providing legal advice

·  Understanding your business goals and visions for the future

·  Open honest and frequent communication

·  Personal attention to your needs.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, business owner and advisor himself, Keith Siddel is a business lawyer with extensive experience addressing the real world issues that businesses, large and small, are facing today.  Including:

·         Business formation and dissolution

·         Corporation, LLC,Partnership and Proprietorship

·         Buying selling or merging of businesses

·         Litigation, Lawsuits, Arbitration and Mediation

·         Employment and independent contractor issues

·         Employee handbooks, employee contracts

·         Contracts and agreements

·         Commercial leases tenants and landlords

·         General business advice

·         Private equity and venture capital investing

·         Compliance with the Affordable Care Act

·         Service as corporate general counsel

·         Business planning

·         Buy sell agreements

If you want to discuss how we can partner with you and your company to develop a working relationship to ensure you have legal advice when you need it, contact us.

·  No charge for the initial consultation

·  Complimentary 15 minute or less phone conversations.

·  No charges for copies, faxes, long distance charges, administrative fees, scanning, mailing or other add-on fees.

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