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Keith Siddel drawing upon his 30+ years of healthcare experience and leadership roles on numerous projects has given him a unique 360 perspective.  He has authored publications and spoken on a myriad of healthcare topics including Automation Healthcare, Advances in EMR, Patient Portal Design, Engaging the Patient, Collection Strategies for Today and Beyond, Free Standing Emergency Department Strategies,

Emergency Room Charging and Operations, Hospital Acquired Conditions & Present on Admission, Never Events, Healthcare Transparency, RAC Response Models, ICD-10, OR Charge Structure, Budgeting and Infusion/Injection Coding, Clinical Documentation, Collections, Billing Compliance, Medicare/Commerical Denials and Hospital Pricing to name a few. 


He has presented on key healthcare topics on behalf of the  American Medical Association, Healthcare Financial Managers Associations,OR Manager, Hospital Associations , The American Health Information Management Association,

Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists, HCPRO, 3M, Beckers and individual provider organizations across the US. 

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